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Manufacturer Ripclear
Style name Garmin Edge 520
Size name Edge 520

Ripclear Garmin Edge 520 Cycling Computer GPS Screen Protector Kit - Scratch-Resistant, Smooth Touch, Anti-Glare - 2-Pack

by Ripclear

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Product Details
Make sure you're navigating right and seeing your way clearly using this Garmin Edge 520 Cycling Computer GPS Screen Protector on your gadget! Made from a premium, thin plastic material with innovative technology, this Ripclear patented screen film is armored with scratch-resistant, clear optics, water-repellent, anti-fingerprint, smooth touch flow, and anti-glare properties. Whether you're journeying under the heat of the sun or the pouring rain, worry no more! This accessory is made for protecting your gadget's screen from moisture, dirt, unwanted scrapes, and subtle graze even when you casually throw it in your bag. When investing to support your active or sporty lifestyle, you want your gears to be highly protected and scratch-free especially when it's brand new. Getting a Ripclear protector presents a more affordable alternative instead of getting your equipment with a full screen or lens replacement. The products also meet the ANSI Z87.1 US Military rating for its tried and tested quality. A step-by-step instruction comes with the kit for convenient application. This Ripclear package includes: 2 Ripclear screen protectors 2 packaged wet screen wipes 1 high-quality microfiber cloth 4 dust removal stickers for easy application 2 dust removal sheet for dust removal Clear application instructions A Ripclear sticker
  • HIGH-DEFINITION PROTECTION - If you're an athlete or an adventurous outdoor enthusiast who owns gears with screens or lenses that need protection, then Ripclear is the perfect solution for you! It ensures superior safeguarding of your equipment.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR FILM - The premium plastic material used in making these high-quality protectors is transparent with crystal clarity, guaranteeing that it won't distort your view or affect any lens coating or tints.
  • SCRATCH-PROOF GUARD - Ripclear protectors ensure that your lenses and screens are secured against scrapes when it comes into contact with pointy objects, rough surfaces, or different environmental debris.
  • AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE - Instead of getting a full lens or screen replacement, armoring your gear with a Ripclear protector lets you spend less and save some cash! It lasts just as long and delivers superior protection and major coverage.
  • MILITARY-GRADE PROTECTION - Ripclear products meet the ANSI Z87 military rating, so buyers are assured that they are provided with high-quality and all-weather protection for their eyewear, camera screen and lens, smartphones, GPS, and smartwatches.

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