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Brand Pura Vida
Manufacturer Pura Vida
Style name Silver Femme

Pura Vida Silver Femme Stud Earring Set - .925 Sterling Silver, Hypoallergenic Jewelry

by Pura Vida

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Product Details

Radiate undeniable beauty and style to your everyday look with the Femme Stud Earrings from Pura Vida!

Remind yourself every day to live a pure life filled with purpose, passion, and love with this Pura Vida accessory! Exquisitely designed by artisans around the world to bring out the best in your outfit for any season and occasion.

Wear chic and smart jewelry to boost your usual getup with this simple yet one-of-a-kind set that's easy on the eyes and convenient to wear. Featuring a .925 Sterling Silver construction, these earrings are guaranteed to give the ideal durability that withstands everyday use. It comes in a sublime female symbol design that supports women's empowerment, independence, and confidence.

The Pura Vida Femme Stud Earring Set is made to exude vibrancy, complementing and adding life to any outfit!

  • FOUNDED IN COSTA RICA - These earrings are made and exceptionally designed by artisans around the world to jazz up your everyday style. Each piece is perfect to wear as a stand-alone accessory or together with other Pura Vida accessories.
  • STERLING SILVER CONSTRUCTION - Constructed from genuine sterling silver to ensure a long-lasting quality that offers hypoallergenic properties and will not discolor easily. This timeless accessory is guaranteed to withstand daily use.
  • FEMALE SYMBOL DESIGN - Featuring a minimalist construction, this earring set comes in a striking female symbol design that will bring out your support and love for women empowerment, independence, and confidence!
  • STUNNING SILVER FINISH - Beautifully made earrings with a dazzling and eye-catching natural Silver color that exudes vibrancy, making it the perfect jewelry to complement your look and add life to your everyday outfit.
  • AN ELEGANT ADDITION - These earrings are the perfect addition to your collection of Pura Vida accessories. Complete your repertoire of accessories and be ready for any occasion!

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