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ISBN 9780275994921
Author Daniel J. Wilson; Julie K. Silver
Publisher ABC-CLIO, LLC
Format Trade Cloth
Published 2007-08-30
Pages 192
Book subject Poliomyelitis
Book subtitle An Oral History from the American Polio Epidemics and Worldwide Eradication Efforts

Polio Voices

Hardcover — Aug 30, 2007 by Daniel J. Wilson; Julie K. Silver

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Incorporating many rare photographs from the family albums of survivors who tell their stories, Harvard professor Julie Silver, M.D., and historian Daniel Wilson help readers understand the sheer terror that gripped parents of young children every spring and summer during the first half of the 20th century as polio epidemics ran rampant. Interviewed as part of the Polio Oral History Project directed by Silver and funded by Harvard, foundations, and private donors, the people featured in this book describe what is arguably the most feared scourge of modern times. Testimonies are included from people who worked in polio wards, as well as from those involved in worldwide eradication efforts. The book also addresses the emergence of the polio and disability rights movement, the challenges of post-polio syndrome, and the state of polio research and developments today. And it explores the concern that polio could return in an even more vicious form as a result of bioterrorism.

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