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Our zero commission structure means that
buyers and merchants both win.




Browse for your favorite products and brands, offered by reputable, professional merchants.



Make purchases as you would anywhere online - with your credit or debit card.



On every purchase you make, earn a percentage of the purchase price in the form of Buyer Rewards[*]: credits that will be redeemable for Patron, our blockchain-based rewards token.



One of the unique benefits of shopping at Public Market is the ability to earn buyer rewards as you shop. The amount awarded is set by the Merchant and is displayed with each product listing. Every time you make a purchase on Public Market, you accumulate Buyer Rewards. For example, when purchasing a $100 item with a buyer rewards level of 10%, we will deposit $10.00 worth of reward credits to your Buyer Rewards account.


We’re launching our marketplace ahead of our planned Patron Token Generation Event, but we want to let our supporters start earning rewards right away. Initially, your rewards will accumulate to your account as rewards credits reflecting a percentage of the purchase price specified by the merchant at the time of your purchase.

Rewards will be deposited into your rewards account upon completion of your order and expiration of the returns window. In the near future, we plan to launch the Patron token (PTRN), a blockchain-based rewards token. Your rewards may be redeemed only for Patron tokens at the then-market value once the tokens have been made available to the public. These tokens will exist on the blockchain as a store of value and will contribute to unlocking rewards in our membership program.

Once PTRN tokens have been made available to the public, we’ll let you know when you are able to redeem your rewards credits for tokens. In the event Patron tokens are not released to the public by March 31, 2020, the rewards will then become redeemable in U.S. Dollars upon your request. (For clarity, if the Patron is made available to the public before March 31, 2020, your reward credits will not be redeemable in USD.)


In order to incentivize those who do the most to support and grow our nascent network, Public Market is offering a special set of rewards above and beyond the fixed amount of buyer rewards you earn on each purchase. Each day from November 26th to December 15th, we will be distributing $5,000 worth of rewards each day to people who either a) purchased something from us that day, or b) directly referred someone who made a purchase from us on that day. The rewards you receive are proportional to the amount you and your referees spent that day compared to the total spend volume on Public Market. Or better said: the more of the days’ spending you are responsible for, the more of the pot you receive.

The rewards credits you earn will be redeemable for Patron tokens upon the anticipated launch of the token in 2019.[*] In the future, we plan to give Public Market merchants the ability to provide you with gift certificates or merchandise credit in exchange for your Patrons.

Here’s the equation for those of you that want to dive into the weeds. As you can see, you get credit not only for how much you spend, but for 30% of how much EVERY SINGLE PERSON you ever refer spends -- up until they’ve spent over $1,000 on Public Market total. So your incentives are to a) spend as much as you can, especially in the early days while our sales numbers are low, and b) refer as many people as possible so that YOU are the one getting credit for their activity. To get your unique referral link so we can track your invites, visit your account page.

Daily rewards per buyer = ((Sb + .3*Sr)/(SPM + .3*SR )) * B

Sb = Total spending in day by buyer
Sr = Total spending in day by buyer’s referees (up to a $1,000 lifetime threshold/referee)
SPM = Total spending by all buyers
SR = Total spending by all referred buyers (up to a $1,000 lifetime threshold /referee)
B = Amount of daily bonus rewards to be allocated ($5,000 per day)


In the coming months, we'll be offering various benefits for users who earn sufficient Patron tokens to qualify for our upcoming Patron Member Program. These benefits may include free 2-Day shipping, access to exclusive offers from our merchants, and more. Stay tuned for a full list of benefits.


The Public Market storefront is the first application to be built on the Public Market Protocol, a protocol for decentralized marketplace eCommerce. The protocol is intended to allow anyone - influencers, affiliate marketers, professional merchants, tastemakers - to build an online storefront that sells from a pooled source of inventory. By embedding the essential infrastructure for eCommerce in an open protocol, the Public Market Protocol will enable safe, efficient global commerce without reliance on a centralized, for-profit entity that extracts the lion’s share of the profits.

This is how the Public Market Storefront offers its merchants a zero commission option for selling, which translates into big rewards for buyers.

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[*] Buyers will receive rewards credits (Rewards) to their rewards account as set forth in seller’s listing. In the near future, Public Market plans to launch the Patron token (PTRN), a blockchain-based rewards token. PTRN will exist on the Ethereum blockchain as a store of value and will contribute toward unlocking benefits in our upcoming membership program. Once the PTRN tokens have been made available to the public, your Rewards may be redeemed, at the option of the company, only for PTRN tokens at the then-market value. The PTRN token may then be deposited to your crypto wallet (see Rewards Terms for process). If PTRN tokens are not made available to the public by March 31, 2020, you may request redemption of the amount of Rewards in your Rewards account, and Company will deliver the Rewards to you in the form of, in its discretion, either (a) USD; or (b) an equivalent credit (e.g., Public Market store credit or other value). If the PTRN token is made available to the public, rewards are not redeemable in USD or an equivalent credit. Rewards are available only to US-based buyers using a US shipping and billing address. See FAQs and Rewards Terms for more information.